We provide 12Kg, 4Kg and 2Kg LPG cylinders

You can decide it based on your need and usage. Ideally for more number of days of use before you order for a refill , 12 Kg is recommended. However for space constraint, lower refill price at a single transaction, lower uses and mobility ;smaller cylinders of 4 Kg/2 Kg suits it better.

No. As per Statutory guidelines we cannot exchange one brand cylinder with that of another brand because of safety and identifying parameters.

Domestic LPG Cylinders cannot be used in any of the LPG appliances except for cooking. However commercial and industrial LPG Cylinder can be used for such LPG appliances.

No. We do not sell regulators with out connections for safety and ethical prospective in the grey market .

Request your Franchisee or Petro Gas customer service, who will guide you suitably. If the regulator is to be replaced , after the warranty time, customer has to pay for the regulator and give back the defective regulator so that it would not in use .

No. As per Statutory guidelines , regulators of private LPG suppliers are of different sizes than that of the PSU Oil companies. Thus it won't fit into the cylinders and hence cannot be used. The PSU Oil companies regular size is 24mm OD (outer diameter ) whereas private LPG suppliers have an OD of 22mm..

Typically the customer gets the new connection within 24 to 48 hours . Customer needs to submit 2 documents : (i) Photo identity proof (ii) Address proof ( self certification is accepted ) for the new connection. Customers can get new gas connection or order refill through our Petro Gas LPG Mobile app available in Play Store and iOS Store.

Request your Franchisee and the Franchisee would guide you suitably.

Stove buying is not compulsory neither as a company we sell stoves. Franchisees do sell stoves to Customers and you can choose your own option . 2kg cylinders comes with a built-in cooktop and hence for 2kg you don't have to buy stoves separately.

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